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About TieTalent

At TieTalent we believe in changing the game in the staffing industry by making recruitment simple. We want to remove the frustration talented professionals have when looking for a job or when hiring for their team. We re-worked the essence of the recruitment process and stand by a mission that we are passionate about. Thanks to our system companies have a tool that allows them to source and hire hidden talents in the tech space. Companies are able to find people they would not find elsewhere: they would not apply to a job offer you post on LinkedIn / Xing nor proactively go to recruitment agencies to find a new job. They are rare on the market and very demanded.

Key features

  • No need to use several platforms. Be on the platform that talent prefers.
  • Start interviewing talent from day 1 reducing hiring time by 4 weeks!
  • Pay only after you have hired and tested without any cost involved.
  • Our talent agents are here for you, book your briefing call with them today.

Products and services

  • Sourcing
  • Recruitment
  • HR SaaS Platform

Specializing in these countries

  • Switzerland
  • Germany

Specializing in hiring these technology skills

  • Java/JavaScript
  • Python
  • .Net
  • C++/C#
  • PHP
  • React
  • UI/UX
  • Backend
  • Frontend
  • Fullstack
  • Database

Product images

Candidate Type

  • Full-Time Employees
  • Part-Time Employees
  • Temporary Workers

Regions supported

  • Western Europe

Experience Level

  • C-Suite
  • Management
  • Mid-Level
  • Graduate/Entry-Level


  • Remote
  • On-site
  • Hybrid


  • Technology
  • Life Sciences
  • Retail and E-Commerce
  • Financial Services
  • Professional Services
  • NGO/NonProfit/Government

Job Function

  • Software Developers
  • Software Engineers
  • Product Development

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