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15% off any plan

We connect your company to Europe's most talented university graduates by helping you host authentic, inspiring digital career live streams.


20% off your first 5 hires

Germany's #1 partner for hiring tech talent. They provide you with the right people and improve your recruitment.

10% discount on the first hire

We help leading companies find high-performing developers.


25% off your first hire

On OfferZen, tech companies hire top developers. Get access to curated developers smartly matched to your vacancy, at no upfront costs.


20% off premium or plus packages

Hired is the largest AI-driven marketplace that matches ambitious tech and sales talent with the world’s most innovative companies.


Priority access

Highly vetted global talent for users


30% off recruiting services

Nexton empowers companies to build top-tier remote teams in Latin America with 100% control over the hiring process. Simple hiring in LATAM.

Ready Hire

Preferred access to premier plans

Hire qualified Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) quickly. ReadyHire provides in-depth training, certification, and profile matching.

15% off your first 3 hires is the exclusive community of startup sidekicks. We help startups hire engineers internally and for contract work across Eastern Europe.


Free services on refugees

Techfugees is an impact driven global organization empowering displaced persons with technology.

Alariss Global

First month search fee free

Alariss Global recruits top American sales and business development talent experienced in global expansion for international companies.


Free one hour consultation

Bandwidth does retained search for heads of Talent and People and we also have an hourly model for all other roles. We can recruit around the globe.


15% off permanent hires

Hire world-class vetted remote developers on demand with Arc.

Jobs For Humanity

30% off

We connect welcoming employers with diverse talent: the blind, neurodivergent, black leaders, single moms, refugees, and returning citizens.


25% off your first hire

VanHack brings you 250,000+ diverse software engineers looking for relocation or remote positions.


Free trial for your first hire

Streamline your remote hiring with AI and crowdsourcing.


30% off your first hire

TalentGrid is a platform that matches tech talent from Turkey and Central and Eastern Europe with companies all over the world.

The Big Search

Special offer upon consultation

The Big Search builds exceptional teams for tech companies fixing global problems.

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How Remote can help displaced people

Our recruiter network is available to help anyone who has been displaced by any current conflicts find jobs quickly and to help corporations identify and place displaced people into suitable positions.

Remember if you are looking to hire refugees, Remote can provide employer of record services to help you hire and onboard refugee team members at no cost to you through our Remote for Refugees program launched in 2021. As part of Remote for Refugees, we are helping to remove displacement, along with location, as a barrier to employment during times of crisis.

To learn more about hiring people displaced by this contact, please reach out to our team any time.

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