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Remote customers get free access to benchmarking for 1 year in select markets and 15% off benchmarking and salary bands for the 1st year in all markets.

About Ravio

Ravio’s compensation platform provides the most relevant and reliable talent market insights across the total compensation package - view salary, variable, equity, benefits, and diversity benchmarks. Make building a high performing team the easiest part of your growth journey.

Key features

  • Optimise headcount budget - Efficiently allocate headcount budget.
  • Unlock expansion goals - Understand what it takes to efficiently hire a team in a new country using reliable benchmark guidance for salaries, benefits, & equity.
  • Comply with pay transparency laws - Protect yourself from penalties by analysing & correcting pay and diversity gaps.


  • Benchmarking
  • Salary bands

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Languages supported

  • English

Regions supported

  • EMEA

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