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About Planetly by OneTrust

Planetly by OneTrust is a leading climate tech company, enabling businesses to analyse, reduce and offset their carbon emissions and to implement holistic ESG management. By completely automating the process of data collection, our solutions provide real-time analyses of the carbon footprint and the required transparency and tools to reduce it.

Key features

Carbon Manager

  • Carbon Manager: Calculate Scope 1 - 3 emissions
  • Identify/preconfigure relevant areas
  • Reduce/offset with certified projects

ESG Portfolio Manager

  • ESG Portfolio Manager: Manage relevant KPIs across portfolio
  • Calculate/manage portfolio emissions
  • Set/track net-zero targets

ESG Program Manager

  • ESG Program Manager: Centralize ESG data
  • Auto-populate reports
  • Track metrics back to initiatives


  • Carbon Manager
  • ESG Portfolio Manager
  • ESG Program Manager

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