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Remote customers get 1 month free subscription to become a Climate Positive Workforce. Use discount code: RemoteOffer to redeem at checkout.

About Ecologi

Ecologi makes climate action simple by providing a platform for businesses and individuals to collectively reverse climate change through funding some of the world’s best climate solutions.

Key features

  • Plant trees and fund climate projects
  • Grow your own forest
  • Bring your impact to life
  • View updates from your projects
  • Gift impact
  • Offset your entire team’s personal and professional lives
  • API integration


  • Individual and business subscriptions
  • Climate Positive Workforce
  • Climate Marketplace
  • Ecommerce and Integrations
  • Ecologi Zero (beta)

Product images

Languages supported

  • English

Regions supported

  • EMEA
  • NA
  • APAC

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