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Remote customers get a 10% discount on Climate Positive certification and 3 months of free API access.

About Earthly

Earthly empowers our community of climate-conscious companies and their customers to invest in nature in order to protect and regenerate the Earth. Through our high integrity, science-backed project marketplace of nature based solutions, businesses all over the world are helping to remove carbon, restore biodiversity, and support local communities.

Key features

Earthly can enable your business to go beyond net zero with a variety of solutions to fit your business:

  • High-quality nature based projects with co-benefits aligned to your business goals
  • Measure and balance your carbon footprint
  • Climate positive certifications
  • API integrations for direct tree planting or carbon balancing


  • Climate positive certification
  • Nature-based projects marketplace

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Languages supported

  • English

Regions supported

  • EMEA
  • NA
  • APAC

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